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Accenture Global Convergence Forum (AGCF) 2009

As the event planner and director of the production team, Deshpande designed, produced & directed the entertainment , decor and lighting  for the Opening Nite, Gala Nite & Spouse Program for a gathering of over 300 participants. In addition she provided destination support and management for the entire event including - chartered train trip to Agra.

FORTUNE Conferences

Fortune Global Forum (FGF) 2007

Fortune High Growth Series 2008

Fortune/Time/CNN Global Forum Preview Dinner 2010

Regularly assists in production, logistics and destination support for all Fortune events held in India.

The FGF 2007 had over 650 participants including head of global business–the chairmen, presidents & CEOs of the world's largest companies, the world's most influential people from the highest ranks of government, science & technology, business, sports, media, entertainment and nongovernment organizations.

WILLIAMWORKS for Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Gala Event for the benefactors 2006

Retreat & Roundtable Meetings 2007

Deshpande coordinated the production for the Gala Nite that included entertainment, stage & props. She also worked on the learning & advocacy trips made by the benefactors in India.

AGCF 2009 – Photo  Gallery

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